And A And Be And Not


Light is color is space is time

Everything is in motion – a thought, an atom. Nothing is constant.
We perceive time as the earth moves around the sun.
'And A And Be And Not' is a folding screen what traditionally is called a room divider, acting as a constantly evolving sculpture and light fixture for the room in which it rests. It is built of dichroic glass segments, that provide a special refraction of light.
The paravent offers a range of visual possibilities by its moving composition of  hued rectangular-shaped steel frames. The colors vary with the reflection of the light and create different illumination effects. By the movement of the sun tracing patterns on the walls and floor of shifting colors, formations, and positions or by the changes one imposes physically.
The effect of its presence evolves throughout the day, a mood-of-the-light-machine.
Light and shadow, reflection, transparency, distortion, revision  and colors play in the object. This colorful impression is subtle to dynamic, always depending on time and motion.


folding screen

powder-coated steel / dichroic glass

1600 x 1600 mm

limited edition


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